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We are always looking for new music artists to represent. This is a Record Label and Management Company. We do services in the R&B, pop and hip-hop, Gospel etc. We want you to succeed and we are actively looking for talent to represent.

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We turn passion and talent into successful careers by offering a full-service artist package. With more than 7 years experience, and a lifetime mixing tapes and marketing them successfully, we do it right.


We help artists do promotions, using the most effecting tools and create a buzz on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, making sure the music of artists we promote is recognizable. We sell and promote your music all over the world. We also collect songwriters royalties for our songwriters. We also make logos.

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We will be happy to highlight your talent to help you create your own success.


Productions Company- TV Show, film, movies (coming soon)


My name is Rell & I am the CEO of Full Stars Entertainment LLC. I made this company in 2010 and I have done a lot since that time. I had artists sign to my label. I help them promote and sell their music all over the world. I make logos so if you need a logo you can look at the logo section of this website. Right now , i'm adding more to my job by being a music producer and also a music engineer so I can be hands on more with my artists. In the future, I will be working on my Full Stars Productions side of my company. I made this apart of my company because one of my goals is to produced TV shows and also movies. Full Stars Entertainment Is for the young people that want to following their dreams and move forward with their career. If you are interested in my company or if you have any questions then you can go to the contact page on this website or email me at FullStarsEnt@gmail.com Thanks

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